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So... I guess that's it then.

Posted by Brega (Lounge Caretaker) at Oct 31 2014, 10:58 AM. 0 comments

It's been about 2 years since a proper post. And Enjin is down for good.

I guess I'm posting here in case anybody is like me and gets nostalgic and looks at the old site. Is it wrong of me to put this in the leader's podium? Maybe a bit. But I guess this is important enough.

Essentially, Cysero's Defenders dead. We've gone with not a bang, but a whimper. I guess that's how things always are, yeah? So new people who are searching for the Cysero's Defenders, either through the old AE Forums, or are wondering about the weapons in the games, here lies our Tomb. We have a long and colorful history. I think... that this clan has sort of molded me. It gave me new perspectives and ideas. Look beyond my own house and what my parents had shown me.

I think I'm better off for it. If not for this website I wouldn't have discovered the rest of the internet. I'd be a lot more close minded. I wouldn't have seen beyond my own house. Sure, I made some dumb posts. Hell, I made a bunch. I technically wasn't even old enough for most websites when I joined. I still did.
I see now it wasn't to protect me, but to shield your eyes of my horrendous posts.

So, if you have any last words to say. I guess now is as good a time as any. If you can't remember your password, just make a new account.

Just A Wild Idea

Posted by Terror of Death (Lieutenant General) at Oct 3 2012, 04:40 AM. 14 comments

Let's move to Enjin.

Time for an announcement!

Posted by SomaCruz (General) at Aug 21 2012, 03:30 PM. One comment

I think it's about time either Todd or I announced something on here, isn't it? It's been much too long, and there's news to be announced! So heeeere we go!

For a while now, Todd and I have been seeking a way to get our name, Cysero's Defenders, out there to try to attact more members to our forums. There's no harm in keeping our ear to the ground and trying to find a way to help the clan along, by getting some more of that needed attention and getting our name out there for people to actually notice it, eh?

Some of you still might remember V.E.L.O.X. Well, we never heard back from V.E.L.O.X. after we sent them the clan application, which is why we never became a part of that group. You might remember that, and you might not have needed me to remind you of that, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it! After all, some people might not know that, eh?

However, we have recently been invited to join the fansite Enjin Dragonfable, which has been very recently approved by Alina and Nythera of AE. Upon inspection of the site, Todd and I unaminously agreed to send an approval request to the site and get our clan a part of that community, impressed enough to immediately consider and act on the request. Now, the thread in which Alethia, Enjin Dragonfable's creator, posted with the invitation is right here for you to see, but this announcement will tell you that which that thread has lead to. Which is Alethia informed us that she has approved our clan on her website community!

The website is right here for you to examine and sign up for, if you so wish, at http://dragonfable-enjin.com. Todd and I will be spending time on there as well, so don't feel shy or think that you'll be alone on there among a bunch of strangers. Don't be shy now! It's a great place, and we could always show some appreciation at least for her inviting us and approving us on her site by giving activity to that community, in hopes they'll check us out as well!

As always, have a sweet day, like the awesome person you are!


DragonFable® Enjin {Fan-Site} invites Cysero Defenders

Posted by Alethia (Members) at Aug 20 2012, 05:52 AM. 15 comments


Visit the link above to get started! The website I have created has begun supporting guilds. We have our own guild recruitment section in the website and support playing dragonfable AND a chatbox on the same web page! Any guilds/clans who are approved will be given their own guild/clan tag so users identify which one of these you are from.

Rules on advertising your Guild/Clan on the website: http://dragonfable-enjin.com/forum/m/7164846/viewthread/3964235-guild-clan-rules

If you help the site out by making it more popular, we will support dedicated Guild/Clan specific chat-boxes ONLY for your guild/clan! This feature will only be available if requested by the guild. This exciting content will be announced with further details when this happens.


Q: I am really hesitant, this site might spam my email's inbox! :(
A: Have a look at this thread. :D http://dragonfable-enjin.com/forum/m/7164846/viewthread/3896291-help-im-getting-email-spam

Q: Can everyone see my email? What about the admins/mods?
A: No one on the website can see your email, not even in the administrative panel. The only way for your email to show is if you set it up on your own profile page.

Q: Do you have specific rules to follow?
A: Why yes of course. http://dragonfable-enjin.com/rules

Let me know if any of you have further questions. :D You can find me over twitter as @AlethiaAE.

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